Contract for a leased line – the Student Village Network

This is a contract specifying the conditions of service for a leased line (in the Student village network). The signer (henceforth referred to as the service user or merely ‘user’) agrees to abide by the terms of the contract, instructions of Digital Services, good manners and the law.

1. The rights and obligations of the service user

1.1 Administration

The user is responsible for appropriate administration and sufficient security. Selling user accounts, disk space or processor time to others is not permitted without an explicit agreement with Digital Services. The user is responsible for everything done with his connection.

1.2 Use

The connection is primarily meant for use supporting teaching, studying and research. Publishing illegal material, or material contrary to good manners either for free or for a payment is not permitted, nor is the needless taxing of the network resources. Sending chain letters or mass email to an unspecified list of recipients is explicitly forbidden. Using the service to share, publish or distribute commercial material is not permitted without an explicit agreement with Digital Services. The connection may not be used to seek out data security breaches, or for any other kind of system intrusion. The user must immediately notify the administration of Student Village Network of any data security breaches he/she has noticed. Trying to obtain information on a text, image, data transfer or other similar electronic message the user has no permission to is forbidden and can lead to charges for a communications crime. The user is required to abide by all instructions and regulations issued by Digital Services concerning the use of the network services and the application of these terms. Information on these instructions is available at

1.3 Charges for Use

The user agrees to pay for the connection and services according to the current service price chart. The user is liable for damages caused by action contrary to the terms of this contract, or otherwise intentionally or accidentally caused by the user.

2. The rights and obligations of the service provider

The University is responsible for the functionality of the Student Village Network Connection. The connection means merely the user’s data connection to the student village network. The University is not responsible for economical losses or other damages due to technical problems, network load or service breaks caused by administrative action. The users will be notified in advance of service breaks of substantial duration required by maintenance. Any malfunctions will be handled during office hours. The service does not include correcting problems caused by hardware or software of the user. As a temporary measure, Digital Services reserves the right to without prior notice limit the use of services causing substantial load on the network or the university computer system, or which can harm the Digital Services as a service provider due to action that is contrary to law, good manners, the terms of this contract or instructions of the Digital Services. In order to investigate problems relating to the use and functionality of the data connection, the University has the right to monitor network traffic going through the user’s connection. The University will not, as a part of this monitoring, collect information on the contents of the network traffic.

3. Changing the terms of the contract or service prices

The University has the right to change the terms of this contract or the prices charged for the services by notifying the user. Any changes are effective at the start of the next billing period, with the exception of changes resulting from the law, official orders or other rules regulating the University as a service provider. The current rules are available at

4. Terminating or otherwise ending the contract

The contract is valid until further notice, however it is not valid if the user no longer lives in an apartment with a Student Village Network connection. The University has a right to immediately terminate the contract if the user does not fill his contractual obligations or otherwise uses the services of Digital Services contrary to the terms of this contract, or the instructions or regulations of Digital Services. Both parties have the right to terminate the contract by issuing a statement to the other party at least two weeks in advance. The termination is valid in one month period after termination statement is processed.

5. Contact between the service provider and the user

Digital Services of the University will send possible invoices and information on changes in the terms of the contract and the technical notifications by email. For this purpose the user must have a working email address. If the email address stops working, Digital Services has the right to cancel the service until a new, functioning email address has been reported to the Student Village Foundation.

6. Transferring the contract

The user does not have the right to transfer the contract to a third party without the permission of the University