The Student Village Network is a direct network connection available in all of the apartments of the Student Village Foundation (TYS). The network is routed directly to Funet (Finnish University and Research Network), which is a high-speed data communications network serving the Finnish research community. Apartments are networked with ethernet cables, which allows full duplex connections with 100/100Mbit/s bandwidth.

The network connection is primarily meant for teaching, studying and research supporting uses. Student Village Network is administered by the IT Services of the University of Turku.


The law on data protection takes effect on May 25th 2018.

As a result we encourage you to read our updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Student Village Network firewall changed

The Student Village Network firewall was replaced on Wednesday 25.1.2017. The firewall rules saw only a small adjustments.


OpenVPN is now allowed in Student Village Network

Due to growing demand, we have changed our firewall policy. As of today, incoming OpenVPN connections are allowed in Student Village Network's firewall.


Change in bulletins. RSS feed updated.

University's public news bulletins have been updated and this affects Student Village Network bulletins also. RSS feed's address has been changed. Be sure to update old subscribtions to the new address.


Student Village Network connection speed is now 100Mbit/s

We have observed good network performance in the limited test areas with 100Mbit/s speeds. User feedback has also been very positive. Today we have expanded the speed upgrade to whole Student Village Network. All apartments now have a 100/100Mbit/s network connection.


Ikituuri goes online

Ikituuri's network connections have been activated. All apartments now have Student Village Network connection available with 100/100Mbps connection speed. Rest of Student Village Network should get the promised network speed upgrade during next month. Ikituuri apartments have a different network cabling system. All apartments have an ethernet connection panel, which can be accessed from the fuse box near the entrance. See detailed instructions in the Usage page.


Network connection speed upgrade

We are planning to upgrade Student Village Network connection speeds from current 10Mbit/s to 100Mbit/s. Speed upgrades are to be tested in limited areas first, but we are determined to bring the new speeds to all TYS apartments this spring. The first test phase will start today at 12:00 hours and will include the following areas:


Asus X52 notebook network problems

Asus X52 series notebooks have experienced issues with Student Village Network's 10Mbit/s connection speed. We have determined that this is a driver problem, which might also affect other computers that have the following network adapter "JMicron PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Adapter". Users experience errors on websites that either use flash, or are using ssl encryption.

Fortunately we have found a fix, which corrects this problem in Windows. User should go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Device Manager. Open "Network adapters" and select "properties" on "JMicron PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Adapter". Open "Advanced" panel. Select property: "Receive Side Scaling" and change value to "Disabled". This should fix the connection errors.

Driver setting

Operation "Filter" begins

Most of Student Village Network users are familiar with the term "rogue DHCP server" or "disruptive network traffic". Usually these terms surface when users have trouble with their network connection. DNS-server problems and duplicate IP-addesses are commonly caused by misconnected home routers or forbidden ADSL-modems. This fall we've had a record number of rogue devices causing havoc in Student Village Network. Locating and removing one rogue device is often a time consuming task. By the time we remove one device from the network, there are two more connected.

But fear not, there is a cure! We are deploying a filter, which stops disruptive traffic and removes most of the "static" from Student Village Network. The new filter technique will be applied one network area at a time. We will be also replacing some old network switches that are not compatible with the filter, so there will be some network maintenances in few network areas.

Update (19.5.2011):
The new filtering method has been deployed throughout the whole network.

Student Village Network site gets a new look!

The new look is more clearer and user friendly. All instructions are now up-to-date. The front page will be updated with the latest news about Student Village Network. All urgent bulletins, such as maintenance messages and network blackouts are available via . RSS-feed messages can also be seen as a short list on the left panel.